About Katie

Katie Zolnikov is a young female Republican running for election is House District 45 (HD 45).

This is an exciting opportunity for Katie, as HD 45 is the district where she grew up and

attended school K-12. Go Falcons!

HD 45 is the northwest portion of the Heights. It includes Independent School, Castlerock and Skyview High-school, the north portion of Alkali Creek and runs all the way through the Airport and to Rehberg Ranch. 

Though this is her first election she considers herself equipped to handle the role and

duties of a Representative from her experience in leadership. Katie is a partner and manager of

a small local business in Billings that has 20+ employees. She became a business owner in Dec. of 2018 after being with the company since they opened their doors in Billings in 2015. Through hard work, and determination Katie was able to work from an entry level position at her first ever job to partial owner and manager just 3.5 years later. She understands the difficulties small businesses face and would be a positive advocate for the business community. She also serves

on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Billings Association with other local business


Katie got her first taste of politics during the 2019 session when her husband Daniel was

serving his final legislative term. Being on the house floor witnessing bills being passed was an

experience that will forever stick with her. She was also able to testify on legislation and attended committee hearings. The more she learned about the legislative process, the more fascinated she became. What started off as a pipe dream quickly turned into Katie’s desire to run for office. With the support of many elected Republicans she got to know during the session and most importantly, her husband, she is pleased to be the official candidate for HD 45.

Katie values limited government, individualism, and second amendment rights. During her free

time Katie enjoys skiing, hiking, fishing, and cooking.